English translated Islamic videos showing the real Islam

brother Ismail explaining why he left Islam?


Koran allows young girls marriage up to nine years old


Islam spread and extended by sword


Islamic cleric describes Islamic invasion and dividing the “booty” including slaves


An Islamic Dr in London Justifies Slaughtering


islamic paradise and virgins


According to Islamic cleric ,The female prisoners of wars belong to the Muslim army commander and  in order to humiliate them he can have sex with them


Fitna movie about prophet Muhammad + 18


According to Islamic cleric the , the desire to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of his religion is an honor for the believer of Allah


Brother Ismail explains how prophet Muhammad  lusted Zenab the wife of his son:


According to Islamic cleric non Muslims does not deserve to live and we have to fight them.


according to Koran and Hadiths the husband has the right to rape his wife if she refused to have sex with him


Meet the Ten Year Old Girl Who’s Already Been Married and Divorced


film showing the damage done by Islam practice of Circumcision for young girls:


According to Islamic cleric, Islam allows beating wives and allows also the father to force  his daughter to marry any man against her will:


Allah honored wives by instating the punishment of beatings:


Allah permitted the purchase and sale of slaves


according to Islam your wife is your captive


Saudi Arabia permitted full sexual intercourse with young girls even before they start having their menses


According to Islamic cleric, terrorist is the religion of Allah


prophet Mohammed allowed killing women and children


According to Islamic cleric, you have to eat with your right hand because the devil eats by his left hand


video shows how Muslims enslaved Africans for centuries


Islam, women and paradise


Boko Haram leader Allah says to sell girls as sex slaves


Islamic Fatwas and Child Sexual Abuse


Pakistani Family Pleads To Keep 6-Year-Old Girl Out Of Forced Marriage


Message of Grace episode 7 with Guest Father Zakaria Botros – قناة الفادى Alfadytv


Message of Grace episode 12 with Hazem Farraj


(alfadytv) Message of Grace (18) Meeting with brother Noor El-Dien


Message of Grace episode 13 with Brother Tommy


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