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Koranic evidence that the Prophet coveted his son’s wife
English translated Islamic videos showing the real Islam
Comparison between the true religion of Christianity and false religion of harsh Islam
Confirmation of the importance of Ḥadīth in Islam
the Prophet killed captives in cold blood
The Prophet amuses himself sexually and then makes an oath never to do it again but then breaks the oath; all with Allāh’s blessing
Supported evidence that the Prophet raped a little girl
From the Koran and the Sunnah: the Prophet cuts off people’s hands and feet, gouges their eyes out, leaves them to die of thirst in the desert and then burns their bodies
Koranic evidence that striking the necks is an Islamic doctrine
The Prophet loved cutting heads off, and here is the evidence
Comparison table showing and proving that the murder of men and boys, and the stripping naked and raping of Yazīdī females are based on the commands of the Prophet and the Koran
Degradation of women in the Koran
Koran permitted full sexual intercourse with young girls even before they start having their menses
Evidence that the nakedness of a slave woman in Islam is from the navel to the knees
From the Koran tying up and raping the Muslim wife
Koranic evidence that the legislation of veiling aims at making it possible for young men to harass slave girls
The raid on Banū Qaynuqā´ as the source of forced migration in Islam
During the Battle of Badr, the Prophet committed acts of unspeakable cruelty
The Raid on Khaybar, on which the Prophet tortured a man to death and raped his wife on the same day
The Raid on Banū Qurayẓa: the first Holocaust perpetrated by the Prophet in Islam
battle of Ḥunayn Muslims refrain from raping women, but a verse is revealed that permits it
Battle of the Conquest of Mecca, in which the Prophet legalized prostitution and adultery in the name of Islam a
The Raid on Tabūk The Prophet tempts the fighters by the capture and rape of blond women in order to conquer Tabūk

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